A smol artist spotlight: CRYPTOMBS

5 min readJun 24, 2021

This is the second in a series of #smolartist profiles.

If you’re not sure what smol is, go here.

I recently jumped into my first Twitter space with @Empress and really enjoyed hearing other artists share their story of how they got into #smols. I started with KC’s story because something he said was my favorite quote from the whole space, “The hobo is taken.” Read about KC here.

I had seen CRYPTOMBS around before because I tend to be drawn to anything creepy, but what really drew me in was that it is a way to talk about death.

I know at least in the United States, we are afraid to talk about dying but we really should. I think CRYPTOMBS project is a neat way to get us talking about the Inevitable End that isn’t super serious, which is better than nothing.

Anyway, I digress. The Twitter space was the first time I interacted with CRYPTOMBS and I was so glad he was there. It was my first time trying to co-host with Empress (spoiler: I suck at it!) and was more awkward than usual.

But when CRYPTOMBS came up to speak, I felt so relieved. He laid down some quick space etiquette and then led the way by actually talking about himself vs me: 🦗

I can’t remember exactly how CRYPTOMBS introduced himself but it was so on point. I believe he may have referred to himself as a mortician, but I really enjoyed hearing about how #smol helped bring attention to the pixel art he was already doing.

Meet, AnOakEye (CRYPTOMBS) he’s 44, lives in San Diego, and loves carbonated water.

Tell us how you got into smols?

It was first the mighty Trash Empress who reached through the din and tapped my shivering shoulder, me unawares of what smol wonders lie ahead.

Through the tireless tutelage and unbearable understudy, in a few excruciating smol moments I was transformed into a smolington, briefly forgetting my former life of LARG, a fleeting smol bliss.


Hidden part expressing and healing itself through art, especially #nfts and #cryptoart